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Rules and Regulations for Kilcoy Yowie Country Markets Stall Holder

1. The Kilcoy Yowie Country Markets are run and managed by the Kilcoy & District Cultural Village Committee Inc. (KDCVCI), with due regard to the Licence Agreement between KDCVCI and the Somerset Regional Council (SRC).

2. The KDCVCI is a community volunteer group, whose principle object is to promote and support the cultural activities in the Kilcoy district.  One of these volunteers has accepted the position of Market Coordinator whose role is to oversee the orderly arrangement of stall holders on each market day. All stall holders will be required to follow the Market Coordinator’s directions.

3. The Kilcoy Yowie Country Markets will be held on the second and last Saturday of each month between the hours of 6.00 am and 2.00 pm. However, if trading is very quiet, stall holders may move out after 12.30 noon. Additional markets may be approved on an informal basis, e.g. Easter and Christmas periods.

4. In the event of prevailing wet weather which may render the grounds unsuitable for the purpose, the markets will be cancelled. It is the responsibility of the intending stall holder to phone the Market Coordinator on Friday evening should there be any doubt about the condition of the grounds.  A local overnight storm may mean that stall holders could arrive to find the event has been cancelled. Such persons will accept the instructions of the Market Coordinator and not enter the grounds.

5. Stall sites are restricted around the playground area.

6. Vehicular access to the grounds is limited. Stall holders will move to their allotted site as directed. No other vehicular movement is allowed in the park (unless by special arrangement – such as venders who have their own agreement with SRC).

7. Those stall holders who have been attending on a regular basis (“Regulars”- stall holders who have attended Six consecutive markets) and have a specific site, are to be in by 6.00 am. The remaining sites (“Casuals”) must be in place by 6.30 am Ready for a 7.30am Start . Stall holders who claim to be regular but are absent for Six or more market days, will automatically forfeit their site unless a written request has been received by the Market Coordinator.

8. Site Fees are (currently) $10.00 for 3m x 3m frontage plus reasonable vehicle space behind or $15.00 for 6m x 3m frontage plus vehicle space. Larger spaces will be charged $20.00. All stall holders are expected to have their own public liability insurance (PLI) appropriate for this event. However, the KDCVCI has a PLI to cover casual stall holders. Currently, the fee for casual stall holders is $7.00/market.

9. Excessively large stall facilities will be excluded from this market. If a stall holder is considering attending the Kilcoy Yowie Country Markets for the first time, or if they have a large stall arrangement, please contact the market Coordinator before arriving.

10. Should there be any damage to the Park caused by vehicles or handling equipment operated by a stall holder or his/her agent, the remedial cost will be forwarded to the stall holder.  Alternatively, an additional fee may be determined at the time which the Market Coordinator considers appropriate.

11. All stall holders with their own PLI must have evidence on the day otherwise the additional fee will apply.  

12. Fees may be collected by volunteers other than the Market Coordinator. To enable people to carry out this role who may not be familiar with the Markets , an administrative system has been established in which stall holders will be given a number. This number must be retained by the stall holder and displayed whenever they attend the Kilcoy Yowie Country Markets.

13. Food venders must have the necessary permits appropriate to their business.

14. Dogs are permitted but SRC Regulations require that it must be kept on a leash at all times. Any unruly behaviour will require the dog to be removed from the area.